What is EasyReminders?
EasyReminders.com was developed to provide email reminders for any event that you would like to remember. You never have to worry about missing a birthday, anniversary, or any other special event. We have developed a highly sophisticated system that not only sends you an email the day of the event --- but you also have the option of setting up to 2 additional reminders for the same event and requesting what time the email will be sent. With this system, the first reminder will give you enough time to shop for a gift for the special occasion.

Another key feature of this site is the ability to search for gifts. Our "Gift Ideas" page has been presented in such a way to make shopping for a gift via the internet very easy and user friendly.

Why does EasyReminders Charge a Membership Fee?
We are aware that there are other reminder services out there. Many claim to be "Free" services. Like all "free" services on the internet, they expect to generate their revenue from other sources. Perhaps the service is provided as a part of your internet service, for which you pay a monthly fee. Most free services are filled with advertisements. Many do not guarantee that they will never sell their member lists to email advertisers.

EasyReminders is not one of those other services. We do not push advertisements on our members on every page of the website. Nor do we include them in the email reminders we send. We will never sell your personal information. (See our Privacy Policy for details.) Charging a small membership fee enables us to keep this site runnning and ensure the high level of customer service our members deserve.

Many of our current features were implemented based on suggestions from our members. Rarely will you find that kind of customer service from a reminder service from a large ISP company. If you feel there are ways to improve EasyReminders, let us know. We believe we are the best Email Reminder Service out there, but we know that we can always improve.

What about Spam?
EasyReminders does not send Spam and will never distribute your Email address or other information, nor will we distribute any email addresses input as part of our "Also Send" reminder feature. You may occasionally receive e-mail from EasyReminders.com informing you of site updates, new features, or other information of interest. If you do not wish to receive this type of E-mail, you may uncheck the appropriate box when initially signing up or in the Update Your Information area.

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